King Size CBD Pre-Rolls (3 Pack)


Our CBD DooBees are a discreet and disposable way for CBD flower smokers to medicate without committing to a glass bong or pipe.  Bee The Change CBD uses premium buds derived from Industrial CBD Hemp flower to fill our pre-rolled joints. Wrapped in 100% Organic Hemp Pulp Cones, these DooBees are sure to provide a smooth smoking experience.


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King Size CBD Pre-Rolls



About The Product:

Each contain 1 full gram of lab tested CBD flower, derived from CBD-rich Industrial Hemp. Wrapped in 100% Organic Hemp Pulp Cones. 109mm

May help manage many health conditions…

NOTE:  Many articles can be located online in regards to the benefits of smoking CBD


Bee The Change CBD maintains accurate Certificates of Analysis (COA) for every industrial hemp CBD flower product pursuant to Nevada NRS 557 and the Agricultural Act of 2018. All strains of CBD flower undergo complete full panel tests (potency, terpenes, microbials, moisture, pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins).

  • Made in the USA and Manufactured in Nevada
  • Made with lab tested Hemp Flower
  • Pesticide-Free

This product contains hemp grown under Section 7606 of US Agricultural Act of 2014. It contains less than 0.3% THC by dry weight.

This very low amount of THC may be detectable by stringent drug testing protocols for employment, health, and insurance purposes. There is a risk, therefore, of testing positive for a banded substance (THC) when using this product.

Our flower is strictly Hemp derived, Below <0.3% THC, (legal limit is 0.3%)

Buyer responsible for reading Disclaimer and Return Policy before purchasing items from this website.

Additional information

1st Doobie Strain

Berry Exotic, Girl Scout Cookies

2nd Doobie Strain

Berry Exotic, Girl Scout Cookies

3rd Doobie Strain

Berry Exotic, Girl Scout Cookies


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